I have always been a fan of colour charts on Pinterest and have a board full of beautiful colour combinations that I have pinned from various sources. So one thing led to another and I decided to sit down and have a play using another of my favourite inspirations on Pinterest... cakes and flowers! Now it wasn't quite as easy as I'd thought or hoped so I won't be filling this page with hundreds of samples, just a few ideas that might give you a start to creating your next project... or perhaps make you hungry!


  1. What a fabulous idea, great colour boards and cakes too. Is it possible for you to give the link so I could pin please?

    1. Hi Sandra, here's the link for my Pinterest board :

  2. Wow! I think it's just shy of 100. ;) These are awesome! I repinned so many of Jodi's and I'll be pinning some more. :)


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